Driveway Cleaning

Improving curb appeal.

Driveway looking neglected?

Have you taken a good look at your driveway lately? Do you see any tell-tale signs of organic growth? Are there any unwanted grasses or weeds growing along your path? Is your driveway looking untidy and neglected?

Roofman has the answer

Aside from the roofing services we offer, Roofman also offer a professional yet affordable drive and patio cleaning service. Whether block paved, slabbed or tarmac, we’ll improve the overall curb appeal of your house by restoring tired driveways to their former glory. Your driveway sees a lot of activity in the course of its life, constantly accumulating dirt and vegetation. This, if not cleaned and treated right away, may lead to accidents or slips caused by an uneven or slippery surface during cold and wet seasons. Roofman carryout a series of steps in order to restore your driveway and maintain its new condition.

Professional driveway cleaning services by Roofman.

Stage One

Deep Cleaning

To begin, we give your drive a thorough and deep cleaning, removing any dirt that may have accumulated over time along with any weeds and unwanted plant growth.

Stage Two

Fungicidal Wash

A powerful treatment of fungicidal solution is then applied to the driveway to reduce the likelihood of further vegetation and other unsightly overgrowth from returning.

Stage Three


In order to maintain its revived beauty, we also apply a clear, solvent-free acrylic coating to seal the pavement from too much exposure to the natural elements.