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Organic growth found on roofs such as the aforementioned algae, moss, and lichens will all be subjected to fungicidal treatments to guarantee that the re-growth of these organisms will be inhibited. It is because despite the minimal harm that they do to the roof at present, these tiny organisms would still pose a huge dilemma in the future when they go untreated.

How it works

Fungicidal wash or treatment comes in various forms that are designed to effectively stunt and kill the growth of these organisms. They contain biocide that will inevitably kill root cause of the owner’s roof problems. Roofman assures that we only use a specially formulated fungicidal treatment that is approved to remove organic moss removal. These products do not contain any synthetic chemicals or being accompanied by painful fumes upon application which can be causes for lung and eye irritation.

Example of a roof before receiving the Roofman fungicidal treatment.
Example of a roof after receiving the Roofman fungicidal treatment.

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One of the most common ways for the application of the fungicide is through spraying. Most of the services we offered that entails the use of a fungicidal wash are done through spraying. Spray fungicides are effective in such a way that they may be easily used to kill organic growth on roofs. The spraying will be done directly and repeatedly over the infected areas to make sure that there will be a reduction in the re-growth rate of mosses, algae, and lichens.

Peace of Mind

Aside from these things, we make sure that our roofers are well-trained to handle and safekeeping of the chemicals. We see to it that your surrounding such as your garden will be well-protected against the unnecessary exposure to the said fungicidal treatment.