Patio Cleaning

Restoring your outside living space

Patio cleaning and restoration proves to be a challenge for most households. The unavoidable seasonal discolouration is further exaggerated by the presence of numerous organic growths. They not only create unsightly marks and stains on the patio but may also pose a hazard to people, leaving them vulnerable to slips caused by the slippery surface. Furthermore, negligence in terms of patio maintenance may quicken the end of its functional lifespan.

Cleaning and Restoration

Fortunately, Roofman also extends its services from roofs to patios. We are able to restore a badly stained and worn-out patio back to its former glory by cleaning up the moss, algae, lichens, dirt, and other debris and residue. Moreover, we use a specialised fungicidal treatment to remove the organic overgrowth in order to stunt its re-growth and reduce the potential danger of slipping and also eliminating the ugly stains across the patio surface.

Professional patio cleaning services by Roofman.
Professional patio cleaning services by Roofman.

Stain Removal and Protection

After the application of a fungicidal wash, the patio is power-washed. However, please do note that not all stains are entirely removed during this process such as oil, cement, and rust. Rust often proves to be the toughest stain to remove, oil can be removed through application of a specialised treatment and the cement lumps through manual removal.

After the restoration and fungicidal wash comes the sealing application. This helps to protect the patio’s surface and maintains its aesthetic appeal.