Fungicidal Treatment

Stop organic growth.

Why use Fungicidal Treatments?

Organic growth found on roofs such as algae, moss, and lichens should be treated with a fungicidal wash to ensure the re-growth of these organisms is inhibited. Although not directly harmful to your roof, organic growth can be unsightly and dramatically reduce the appeal of your property.

How it works

Fungicidal wash or treatment comes in various forms and contain biocide which effectively kills the growth of these organisms. Roofman assures that we only use a specially formulated fungicidal treatment that is approved to remove organic and fungicidal growth. These products do not contain any synthetic chemicals or produce fumes upon application which can be cause lung and eye irritation.

Example of a roof before receiving the Roofman fungicidal treatment.
Example of a roof being cleaned and receiving the Roofman fungicidal treatment.


One of the most common ways for the application of the fungicidal wash is through spraying. Most of the services we offer that involve the use of a fungicidal washes are done through spraying. Spray fungicides is a very effective way to kill organic growth on roofs. The targeted spraying is done directly and repeatedly to ensure good coverage of the infected areas of the roof.

Peace of Mind

We ensure our roof technicians are well-trained in the storage, handling and application of chemicals. We see to it that your property and gardens are well-protected whilst we carry out the fungicidal treatment of your roof.