Lichen Removal

Stop organic growth.

What are lichens?

Lichens are a common organic growth you may notice on your roof. Frequently, they are white in colour but may also appear in tones of yellow, green, or brown. Often they form circular patches, approximately the size of a 10 pence coin.

Lichens are basically composed of algae and fungi. The algae provide food for the fungi while the fungi provide the shelter and moisture for the algae for food manufacturing. To survive, they simply require sun, water and a minimal amount of organic acid; thus, making roofs an ideal place for them to flourish. This is the reason why they thrive in humid and shady areas.

The growth of lichens is most noticeable on north facing areas of the roof since this is the part where the evaporation rate is slowest.

Lichen Treatment

If left untreated, lichens tend to turn black and look very unappealing. Even if they don’t cause the direct erosion of the roof, the acidic releases from the lichen will eventually discolour the roof, especially a metal roof. Although they are not as thick as moss, lichens cling more tenaciously to the roof than moss does.

When left unchecked, they present higher risks during the cleaning process for the roof technician.

An example of lichen growing on a roof.