Tile Replacement

Ensure your property remains weather proof.

Check your roof regularly

The roof must be kept in good condition in order for the property to remain weather-proof. Ineffective or improper covering could result in expensive repairs on the roof components due to the increasing and inevitable damp conditions in the area. This is why it is important to make a habit of conducting a regular check-up and maintenance of the roof to prolong its useful lifespan.

When to replace tiles

There are several alternatives to extending the lifespan of the existing roof. However, there may come a time wherein it is imperative to replace the roof tiles. Why? There are varying lifespans for different roofing systems. Some last a hundred years while others will only last for twenty years. This is largely attributed to the exposure to prevalent weather conditions in the area, the types of material the tiles are made from and the quality of workmanship.

With this in mind, Roofman also offer a tile replacement service.

Professional tile replacement services by Roofman.

Our 3 Stages to Tile Replacement


Stage One

Initial Grout Removal

First we chisel away the grout from around the old tiles. Next, we remove the old tiles and clean up of any residue or debris, including old adhesive.


Stage Two

Tile Replacement

We then carefully stick the new tiles in place of the old ones using a strong adhesive. The tiles are left to dry whilst we prepare for the next stage.


Stage Three

Grout Application

We then apply a grout that matches your new tiles and existing grout. Our team them clean the whole area before inspecting the work for a final time.