Roof Insulation

Reduce your heating bills.

Invest to Save

Roof insulation is certainly cost-effective because it provides an excellent means of cutting down heating and cooling bills by approximately thirteen percent. It is true that, roof insulation was not as important to houses before as it is at present perhaps this can be attributed to the extreme climatic changes happening nowadays.

As a consequence, there has been a growing demand for adequate roof insulation especially in restoring and renovating old houses and, of course, in updating new houses as well. Over the years, it has evolved to become a need for present buildings. This is the reason why professional contractors such as the Roofman are contacted in order to attend to this particular need.

Professional roof insulation services from Roofman.

Which Insulation to use?

When it comes down to choosing the material to purchase, there is actually a wide array of insulation materials to choose from. The most common is fibreglass. It comes either in the form of sheets which are directly applied on the roof, or as fibres which must be combined with adhesives beforehand and later on be blown into place on roofs.

Another common insulation material is the cellulose fibre. Although it is more expensive compared to fiberglass, it nevertheless compensates for the excellent quality it provides. This is majorly attributed to the fire-retardant chemical that was treated in to it that raises its quality a notch higher than other insulation materials.

Whatever the choice for the roof insulation, it is assured that either choice definitely satisfies the needs for homeowners.