Roof Coating

Ultimate protection for your roof.

Clean, Repair, Protect and Care. We restore your roof to pristine condition by using proven methods guaranteed to keep your roof looking its best all year round, for up to 10 years.

Being one of the most sought after services here in UK, Roofman go to greater lengths in terms of service to satisfy the needs of our customers. Roofman guarantees a safe and quality roofing job for most, if not all, roofing problems.

Thank you Chris for repairing my roof, I will recommend your company to anyone I can think of! Who’s the man? Roofman!


Leek, Staffordshire

Professional roof cleaning services from Roofman.
Professional roof cleaning services from Roofman.
Professional roof cleaning services from Roofman.

Our 4 Stage Comprehensive Cleaning Process

Stage One

Roof Cleaning

First, the roof will undergo a meticulous general clean-up, removing all dirt and other foreign objects such as snails, moss, lichens and birds’ mess. After cleaning the roof, we also make sure that dregs and debris will not clog the downpipes and guttering.

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Stage Two

Fungicidal Wash

A powerful treatment of fungicidal solution is then evenly applied to the whole roof to further ensure the removal of any remaining dirt. Furthermore, this guarantees minimal future fungal growth across the roof and keeps it maintenance free.

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Stage Three

Roof Repairs

Next we ensure your roof maintains its good condition. We can repair damaged areas such as mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles can be removed and re-pointed, loose ridges and crests can be re-bedded and damaged roof tiles replaced.

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Stage Four (Optional Extra)

Roof Sealant

When all roof repairs have been completed, we then apply a roof sealant to ensure the roof is protected from further decline. We offer a range of coloured sealants for you to choose from to give your roof that perfect and unique finish.

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For satisfaction and peace of mind, our roof cleaning service comes with a 10 year guarantee.