Roof Tiling

4 Steps to protecting your home

What is roof tiling?

Roof tiling is a roof cladding process that involves overlaying small units of tiles, one after another thus creating a protective and weatherproof layer. Roof tiles are usually made from ceramic or cement. Another widely used roof cladding component is shingles, but roof tiles are more common.

When to re-tile

Roof re-tiling is a great option to consider as it is a cost effective way of improving the look and value of a home. They instantly modernise the building, eliminate leaks and reduce the need for continuous roof repair. Furthermore, they are effective in minimizing dust that entering the house. Roofman helps you realise the benefits of opting for roof tiles among other roof products.

Our re-tiling process

Roofman follow a four-step process when installing roof tiles; (1) the base, (2) the roof wrap, (3) the flashing, and (4) the roof tiles. In some cases, we may need to erect scaffolding in order to complete the job.

Professional roof tiling services by Roofman.

Stage One

The Base

A 3 quarter inch plywood is nailed down the entire roof to provide a stable and strong base for the tiles.


Stage Two

Roof Wrap

A roof wrap or a vapour barrier is glued down over the plywood and is then covered with roofing felt.


Stage Three

The Flashing

Flashing is then secured using nails over openings in order to prevent water damage.


Stage Four

Roof Tiles

The mounting style of the tile is dependent on choice of tile, the roof design and prevalent weather conditions.