Roof Sealant

Protect against seasonal changes.

What is a roof sealant?

A roof sealant is a product which can be applied to roofs in order to, as the name suggests, seal them against the weather. Most of the time, it is applied to flat roofs since long-standing water will eventually lead to leaks during winter. There are also available sealants for sloped roofs which come along with other special roofing products designed for shingles. Sealants are important as they not only protect the roofs but also come with other special benefits as well.

Re-apply to prevent leaks

Every now and then, roof sealant must be applied to prevent leaks caused by the seasonal changes. They also keep damage caused by excessive UV exposure to a minimum, since exposure to the sun triggers the roof to bleach, or crack which would later on appear during the rainy season. Aside from the things mentioned, they also help in cutting down substantial amount of heating costs since they help in cooling the surrounding environment by simply applying a white coating of sealant to the roof.

Repair then protect

Since roof sealants cannot be applied to roofs that still need repair, Roofman ensures that any repairs are addressed before applying the sealant. We also clean and apply fungicidal treatment in order to make sure that no thriving foreign objects are still inhabiting the roof. Moreover, we offer a wide array of colours to give your roof a fresh new look.

It must also be noted that roof sealants do not serve as a substitute to cover up for any major roofing problems. It is advisable to contact us for professional help whenever the need arises.