Conservatory Cleaning

Looking after your garden living space

General Care

Periodic conservatory inspection is a requirement that one must not take for granted. This makes sure that conservatories maintain their superb condition. Attention should be paid as often as the rate of maintenance done in other parts of the house too.

Repairs must be completed as soon as possible since damages that are not immediately remedied might cost even more since they tend to worsen as time goes by. When the owners unfailingly continue to do the regular examination and maintenance of the conservatory, they will also be the ones who will reap all its benefits. Needless to say, high maintenance also increases the longevity of the conservatories.

Professional Conservatory Cleaning

However, there are some circumstances wherein owners need to seek professional help in dealing with conservatory cleaning. Fortunately, Roofman also offers a professional cleaning service to help maintain the conservatories’ tip-top condition. As a rule of the thumb, deep cleaning activity is done in order to remove stubborn dirt from walls and corners.

Conservatory Cleaning

A specialised mild detergent and a PVC-u cleaner are utilised to clean the surfaces. Unlike other services wherein other abrasive materials are used, we only make use of soft brushes to prevent abrasion on the smooth surfaces. Aside from the walls and other surfaces, fixtures like drainage holes, roller tracking, and lock pin locations would also receive equal attention so that dirt and grime will not accumulate there. Moreover, all of these procedures will only be handled by our roofers who are mentally equipped with the safety measures needed to observe during the cleaning process.