Professionally and Safely Commercial Roof Cleaning

Commercial Roof Cleaning

We specialise in all aspects of roof cleaning including removing moss and algae from roofs of all types of commercial property. When moss, algae & lichen are left untreated they can look unsightly, can damage some types of roof tiles, and can contribute to blocking roof gutters creating further maintenance problems.

Roof and canopy cleaning is particularly important when the weather turns colder because if moss becomes frozen during the winter months it can cause a problem called “frost heave” and “ice dams”. These can cause considerable damage to tiles as well as causing problems due to the extra weight. Algae, mould and moss are all living organisms that are physically eating away at your roof as well as attracting a host of bugs that thrive in those conditions.

Our canopy cleaning and roof cleaning services will prevent this damage by removing all traces of moss and algae. This will also enhance the aesthetic appearance of your property creating a positive impression of your business or premises. Roof cleaning and roof moss removal is always best left to commercial roof cleaning companies due to the danger of working at height.

Although our roof cleaning process causes minimal disruption we are happy to carry out the work in non-business hours. As a professional commercial roof cleaning company we hold a waste carriers license and therefore we will dispose of any moss and dirt that is removed at our designated waste disposal sites.
We provide roof tile cleaning, awning cleaning and roof moss removal to commercial properties. Call us today and find out how our roof cleaning services can help you.